A Fresh Start…Acupuncture for a healthier lifestyle

A healthier 2014 with Seapoint Acupuncture


Over the past few weeks, you have undoubtedly been inundated with articles and tips on how to detox and “cleanse” your body, lose weight and look great.  Whilst a detox can’t do you too much harm, it is probable that any weight lost will be largely due to fluid loss, and you’ll likely regain it within a short space of time. 



Read on to find out more about how Seapoint Acupuncture can help you to lose weight, get fitter, and maintain a healthier lifestyle in 2014.





The right mindset



Of course, you know already that what you really need to do is change your perspective, and start building the right choices into a healthy lifestyle.  Easier said than done though.  Who really wants to chew on a carrot stick when there’s a tempting biscuit or bar of chocolate lurking in the back of the press?  And is it really fun to drag your tired backside out for a run on a dark rainy evening after a long day at work? 

What you need to do is  find the things that work for you, that do motivate you and that will help you to stay on the right path.


  • Set realistic, achievable goals – i.e. not something  general goal like “I want to lose weight” or “I’m sick of being unfit”.  Make them measurable and achievable within a specific timeframe.  “I want to lose 10lbs by the end of May” or “I want to run a 5k race in April”


  • Check in with yourself periodically, to make sure you’re happy with progress and that your targets are still the same as they were originally


  • Make small but significant changes to your dietary habits – like focusing on unprocessed foods for 5 days out of 7, and cutting out just one of those teas or coffees every day.  Over time, it will become easier to keep making gradual improvements, rather than trying (and failing) to give up all the bad habits all at once.


The right tools


Research has proven that regular sessions of acupuncture can help to curb cravings, whether they’re for sugar, alcohol, nicotine or other drugs.   


Acupuncture can help to:


  • Raise the level of feel-good endorphins and serotonin in the nervous system.  This also has the effect of boosting your immune system so you can fight off illness during the winter months


  • Increase feelings of relaxation – Acupuncture is well known for its ability to reduce stress, anxiety and panic attacks


  • Reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and improve willpower, so that you stick to that all-important new and improved lifestyle!


  • Improve sleep patterns


  • Benefit the skin – regular acupuncture improves blood flow to the body’s cells, promoting glowing skin and a more youthful appearance.  What a bonus!!!


  • Help with a sluggish digestive system and treat issues like reflux, IBS, bloating, constipation amongst other things.  In addition to relief from discomfort, this can help to give you a flatter stomach


  • Boost fertility by regulating the menstrual cycle, improving semen quality in men and helping to achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy




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Happy and Healthy 2014!