Sleep better with Anmian – Acupressure for insomnia

Did you know that there’s an acupressure point called Anmian that translates as “Peaceful Sleep”?  Located right behind the ear, this point promotes deep relaxation and can help to improve insomnia.  Don’t toss and turn at night any longer – read on to find out how to improve your insomnia symptoms.




Location– Immediately behind the ear near the earlobe, there is a small rounded bone which points downwards called the “mastoid process”. Place your finger on the protruding part of the bone, let it slip backwards and it will slip into a depression. From here, slide the finger diagonally up and back about 1cm towards the base of your skull. This point is Anmian.




Application – Place your finger or thumb on Anmian and apply circular pressure slightly upward under the skull, circling 100 times. You should have a deep aching feeling and a feeling of relaxation.  Do this as often as you need to, to promote better sleep and wellbeing